Living the Anyi Medicine Wheel

June 3, 2008

Lynn BrownThis weekend we had the most wonderful workshop about Living the Anyi Medicine Wheel.

Our attendees were exposed to the way of the Earthkeepers by former NASA Engineer and Master of Science Lynn Brown who was initiated by the living Inka Shamanic lineage.

Feedback and information about future events such as this will be appearing on our site soon.


On Acupuncture

March 24, 2008


In old Japan and in China, martial artist were often also involved in the healing arts. Today in America, with stringent licensing requirements, it is not often the case that a martial artist is also a healer.

The Bay Area Center is affiliated with a nearby, licensed Acupuncture Practitioner, Dr Alberto Vasquez.

Acupuncture has an ancient tradition in the Orient and has recently become more accepted in the West. Acupuncture was developed in several areas in Asia, but certainly the Chinese made major contributions to the art. The Chinese were very accurate observers of the world around them. Old records tell of Chinese martial artists and physicians noticing that penetration wounds in battle sometimes had effects on remote parts of the body, sometimes for healing.

Through many years of careful observation, the Chinese mapped out major meridians of energy flow within the body and identified specific points where penetration with small needles could cause healing. The basic concept involves balancing the internal energy flow of the body. The needles used are so tiny that there is usually no bleeding and no sensation of pain, except for in the most tender parts of the body.

Many of the Instructors of our Center have been treated by Dr. Vasquez and have been very satisfied with the results.